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Our Vision

Be the world-leading expert in Smart Mandarin training.

Our Mission

Help anyone learn Chinese easily and effectively, anywhere, anytime.

The video introduces YiyaHanyu particularly in position, team, teaching system, instructions, demonstration…

Learn in Real Senarios

learn with real life dialogues about foreigners' life in China, filmed by professional team.

Learn with Comprehensive

Course Materials

Learn using interactive activeties employing all skill types supported by cutting-edge technology

  • Video

    Learn new words directly as they arise in real life videos.
  • Listening

    Sharpen your listening skills with short videos and lierse exercises.
  • Speaking

    Have your speaking evaluated instantly with speech recognition technology.
  • Reading

    Unedited materials that help you to immerse in authentic Chinese contexts.
  • Writing

    Learn to type in Chinese with your phone, a must-have communication skill.
  • Grammar and Usage

    Video classes explain new grammar and language usage in a fun and clear way.
About us

“YiyaHanyu”, started in Nov. 2015, is a product offered by Zhonghe Century Culture Communication (Beijing) CO., LTD. Zhonghe Century is dedicated to developing professional and effective online Chinese courses and becoming the foremost experts at teaching Chinese through the internet. The company has established distinctive teams in course designing, video production, IT, marketing and service. Most of the key members of the organization have been working in the field of Chinese as a Second Language for many years and have studied or worked abroad at prestigious universities. The global perspective, expertise and rich experience in Chinese education this group embodies enable them to provide learners from around the world an effective product for developing comprehensive language skills in Chinese.

Our Vision

Be the world-leading expert in Smart Mandarin training.

Our Mission

Help anyone learn Chinese easily and effectively, anywhere, anytime.

We are looking for agents and franchises for our product. Anyone interested please contact us through service@yiyahanyu.com

Our Team
Keen on our respective fields, but all passionate about Chinese teaching
  • Prof. Cynthia Y. Ning


    Project Advisor

    Associate Director of Center for Chinese Studies and the U.S. Director of Confucius Institute at the University of Hawaii; President of the US-based international Chinese Language Teachers Association in 1998 and was its executive director from 2000-2009. Prof. Ning is an expert in performance-based language teaching approach and the author of Encounters: Global Chinese Language and Culture.
  • Mr. Philip Zhang


    Executive Director

    LL.M of the University of Manchester; EMBA of School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University; Executive Director of Zhonghe Centure Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Wenhua Shi


    General Manager

    Senior Chinese instructor and editor in Chinese International Publishing Group (CIPG) with over ten years of experience; expert in teaching methodology, material design, teacher training and technology integration in language education.
  • Ms. Wendy Zha


    Textbook R&D Director

    MA in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, Beijing Foreign Studies University; Chinese instructor in the Confucius Institute at the University of Hawaii from 2012-2015. She served as a key instructor in the STARTALK Chinese language teacher training institute and student camp, and a model instructor in the teacher program for three years.
  • Mr. Yang(Jerry) Li


    CPO & CTO

    Senior practitioner in the Internet product and software engineering. Served as prodct VP in Viadeo Group, a France IPO company; Team leader in Bearingponit, a USA IPO company; Cofounder in ItEye.com, a Chinese fomous Technology Community.
  • Mr. Jin Shi


    Technology Consultant

    Senior Internet IT expert; proficient in Internet applications, data cleaning and data analysis. He served as technical director in Microsoft and ChinaHR.com.